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Pramod ChoudharyHi! Welcome to hostileblog.com (The domain name is strange but it has 2 good keywords in it :P)

My name is Pramod. I’m a software developer (with good knowledge on PHP, JAVA – Android, JavaScript, CSS), blogger and online marketing professional. I’ve 3 years of experience as a blogger and 2 years of full time experience as a software developer.

Hostile Blog is my 3rd project. I had launched my first website on 1st of May 2013. Just like many other newbie bloggers, the initial days of my online career were not very good. I didn’t earn a penny in the first 7 months of my blogging career. Just by the time i had decided to quit blogging and apply for a new job, Google changed my life.

After December 2013’s Google page rank update, i signed up for a couple of sponsored reviews websites and money started flowing in. From December 2013 to March 2014, my primary blog generated 700 dollars. May was a disappointing month for me. I made 0 dollars that month. This was the time where i started experimenting with affiliate marketing.

Luckily, my blog managed to make its first affiliate sale in first week of my experiment. After some time, my dream of owning an adsense account came true. As my site had 1000s of UV daily, Google accepted my application for the adsense account.

2 years have passed by, My blog is consistently making several hundred dollars every month. I have 3-4 sources of income. I’ve started hostileblog to increase my earnings as well as sharing tips on WordPress and SEO that I’ve learnt as a blogger. My main motive of starting this blog is to share my experiences as a blogger. The topics that i’ll cover on HostileBlog.com are SEO, WordPress, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, website-hosting, etc.

Making money online is not an easy task. To generate a decent income, you’ll need to spend 100’s of hours in writing quality articles. You’ll will also need to follow some SEO advices, tutorials and tips.


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